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  • Professional Friendship

    While working in the field of express logistics long enough, it tends to become more and more part of your everyday life. Whether talking about the clients, work, family, or day-to-day communication. This will become the lifestyle, the professional friendship.

    Colleagues at work, pexels.com



  • Nose Pecking

    Do you remember the time when you were little and you were curious about everything? Curious, what was up there in your nose. And when your parents caught your expedition up there they would immediately stop you. It seems that nose pecking is a new trend in express logistics though.

    Covid era On-Board Courier

    Caricature Covid era On-Board Courier

  • Personalities Within the Customer

    Trying to define “customer relations” is almost the same as trying to define people. There are as many different customer relations as there are human beings. Each with its own perks and disadvantages. For us, there are no abstract “customer contacts”. We like to view them as interesting personalities within the customer instead.


    Customer realtions

    Start of the new customer relationship