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Air Charter

Every once in a while there are situations when production is late or a deadline is tight, but all conventional options for transporting your goods from one place to another are not available due to holidays or the time of the day. Chartering a flight for your goods, destined to wherever all over the world, gives you the utmost flexibility and value for money – goods will arrive at the designated destination in a few hours!

Bullet Van

A van, station wagon or even a small car only for your goods delivers any products securely to a designated destination all around Europe! Depending on the deadline, your delivery may be accompanied by two drivers to guarantee the quickest possible arrival.

Bullet Truck

A dedicated truck with a 7.5-13.6 m trailer transports your goods all over Europe directly from point A to B, making only mandatory stops and breaks according to the law. The main advantages of the Bullet Truck™ service are large cargo space and a fixed deadline. Your delivery may be accompanied by two drivers to provide the fastest possible delivery.


When distances are long, shipments relatively small or even the best options via conventional air freight fail to meet the speed you need – our dedicated Bullet Express & Logistics agent will collect your shipment and personally ensure on-time delivery to the correct person or addressee all around the world.


International transportation of documents, packages and even large-scale pallets from door-to-door in a few days. Time guaranteed AirXpress services all over the world meet the needs of every customer.


The size and the weight of goods is not a problem anymore – AwkwardXpress provides the possibility of timely transportation for overweight and –sized goods and also exhibition shipments all over Europe.


An international time guaranteed service for transporting a part or full trailer loads via road throughout Europe, Russia and the Middle-East – your goods will be delivered quickly and securely to a designated destination!


Suitable for thermal packages and pallets. This international door-to-door courier service allows arrival of your goods as soon as the next day or the day after to the destination.

Air Freight

Cost-effective Air Freight offers you the greatest choice in transporting a large amount of goods from one part of the world to another. Not as fast as AirXpress, but quicker than Road Freight!

Awkward Freight

Shipping goods with a specific size and weight does not necessarily have to be expensive – Awkward Freight is a favourable solution for overweight and –sized goods. Awkward Freight includes both domestic and international transportation services.

Charter Freight

Chartering a plane only for your cargo to another continent may prove to be very costly. However, if time still plays an important role, we have the capability to consolidate two or three loads on a charter plane on the same date and to the same destination as your cargo, thus significantly reducing the costs per individual customer.

Road Freight

A money-saving option for a part or full trailer loads all over Europe and Russia. When time is not of the essence, choose Road Freight to keep transportation costs low!

Sea Freight

If you have time to plan your supply chain far in advance, then choose Sea Freight! Versatile Sea Freight solutions includes loose cargo, full container loads transportation, oversized and -weight cargo – all of that to/from any part of the world within 28-52 days.

Enhanced Liability

For a small fee you can obtain an enhanced liability service that covers your shipment value upon loss, destruction or damage up to €750 – no more messing with the bureaucracy of insurance companies! We cause it – we pay for it!


Time specific delivery
Your goods will be delivered on a specific time.

Time specific collection
Your goods will be collected on a specific time.

First in line
Normally goods are delivered according to the proximity of the consignee or the loading order of goods in a truck, but purchasing this service will move you in front of the line, not guaranteeing delivery on a specific time, but granting you a faster delivery before all others!


Delivery before 8 a.m.

Delivery of goods before the workday (before 8 a.m.).

Delivery after 6 p.m.

Delivery of goods after working hours (after 6 p.m.)

Delivery and collection during the weekend

Sometimes you need more than five working days in a week! We collect and deliver goods during weekends.


Specialised storage facilities of different sizes and security levels – warehouse solutions that you can truly rely on! Options vary from the drop-and–store solutions to warehousing that includes services such as labelling, packing/re-packing, temperature controlled storing, terminal service, bonded warehousing, pick and pack, etc.

Brokerage Services

Not in a paperwork mood? We can help manage customs formalities at the origin or destination country, e.g. export–import declaration; T1 Doc; brokerage services; temporary export/import; Certificate of Origin papers, etc.

Third Party Billing

Customers are often faced with a situation where the receiver is in one country, but the delivery address is in another. Sometimes it is necessary in the name of convenience or flexibility to ship out goods not in the name of the consignee, but in the name of a third party.

Dangerous Goods

Shipping dangerous goods by air, sea, land – even the most hazardous cargo is in safe hands! All shipments must meet the ADR/DGR/IMDG current regulations and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) has to be provided for all hazardous cargo.