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Personalities Within the Customer

Feb 23, 2021

Trying to define “customer relations” is almost the same as trying to define people. There are as many different customer relations as there are human beings. Each with its own perks and disadvantages. For us, there are no abstract “customer contacts”. We like to view them as interesting personalities within the customer instead.

Start of the new professional relationship

As a logistics provider, when approaching a new client, one must be ready to adapt to the different nuances of the person they are talking to. At the same time, one should know where to draw the line. Which you do not wish to cross with them. In order to gain a potential customer and long-lasting customer relationship.

The Perfect Match

During our nearly 12-years in the industry, we have had numerous amount of unique clients. The best practice, there have been are the customers who need so little, to make them happy. 

For example, we have had clients, who solely used our services because they liked our last-mile delivery van driver. The person, who collected and delivered goods from their factory.
And when having those rare days when we had to send somebody else to do the collection? Then we would immediately get an anxious call from the client asking for their regular delivery person.

The ‘Not-so-Perfect’ Match

As in every customer relation, we also have had contact persons within our customers – with who our roads have departed.

Even though everything had started off running smoothly and friendly. However, when something was not meeting their expectations, they couldn’t hold back their temper. This in turn led them to use inappropriate language and even yelling at our customer service.

But as in every field, also in logistics, things happen. It doesn’t always matter, how good quality service you are trying to provide, mistakes can happen. And the client has every right to feel repined but in civil ways. Meaning that basic human respect between two parties should be essential to remain.

Always Ready for New Customer Relations

Here in Bullet Express & Logistics, we are always more than excited to meet new customers and. Especially for the first time. To see and understand all the unique customer personalities behind the new clients. The best part is, that you never know what to expect, and fortunately, we have been positively surprised most of the time!

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