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Nose Pecking

Mar 2, 2021

Do you remember the time when you were little and you were curious about everything? Curious, what was up there in your nose. And when your parents caught your expedition up there they would immediately stop you. It seems that nose pecking is a new trend in express logistics though.

Caricature Covid era On-Board Courier

Challenging Era

Due to the Covid-19 iniquity, OBC (On-Board Courier) or hand-carry service has been hit with a triple blow.
Firstly, the number of connections and flights are being reduced by 80% from the pre-Covid time.
Secondly, the numerous different new requirements to be able to fly at all! Especially since every state has its individual precaution measurements. Not to mention, they are being occasionally changed during the time one is up in the air.
Thirdly, the costs of flying have gone up at least 50%, which is the inevitable result of the first two factors.


An OBC or a hand-carry people are most probably ranking in the top. The nose pecking testings they are required to do are enormous. Hand-carry job from A to B can require up to 4 separate PCR tests, which is obtained through a nose swab. Plus the possible requirements for any antigen tests may apply.

Nose-pecking for a good cause

However, at this point we have to choose between providing the OBC service or sitting in the office and pecking one’s nose without benefit. We are always oriented to work despite difficulties. Thus, we have to let them poke our noses with a stick multiple times during only a few days long business trips.

Waiting for the Normality

But hope dies last. Soon enough the flights will resume, and people get to travel more freely again. Until that precious day arrives, an OBC with their already trained nose muscles is a strong asset.

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