• Air Freight

    Cost-effective Air Freight offers you the greatest choice in transporting a large amount of goods from one part of the world to another. Not as fast as AirXpress, but quicker than Road Freight!

  • Sea Freight

    If you have time to plan your supply chain far in advance, then choose Sea Freight! Versatile Sea Freight solutions includes loose cargo, full container loads transportation, oversized and -weight cargo – all of that to/from any part of the world within 28-52 days.

  • Road Freight

    A money-saving option for a part or full trailer loads all over Europe and Russia. When time is not of the essence, choose Road Freight to keep transportation costs low!

  • Awkward Freight

    Shipping goods with a specific size and weight does not necessarily have to be expensive – Awkward Freight is a favorable solution for overweight and –sized goods. Awkward Freight includes both domestic and international transportation services.

  • Charter Freight

    Chartering a plane only for your cargo to another continent may prove to be very costly. However, if time still plays an important role, we have the capability to consolidate two or three loads on a charter plane on the same date and to the same destination as your cargo, thus significantly reducing the costs per individual customer.

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