• Air Charter

    Every once in a while there are situations when production is late or a deadline is tight, but all conventional options for transporting your goods from one place to another are not available due to holidays or the time of the day. Chartering a flight for your goods, destined to wherever all over the world, gives you the utmost flexibility and value for money – goods will arrive at the designated destination in a few hours!

  • OBC

    When distances are long, shipments relatively small or even the best options via conventional air freight fail to meet the speed you need – our dedicated Bullet Express & Logistics agent will collect your shipment and personally ensure on-time delivery to the correct person or addressee all around the world.

  • Bullet Van™

    A van, station wagon or even a small car only for your goods delivers any products securely to a designated destination all around Europe! Depending on the deadline, your delivery may be accompanied by two drivers to guarantee the quickest possible arrival.

  • Bullet Truck™

    A dedicated truck with a 7.5-13.6 m trailer transports your goods all over Europe directly from point A to B, making only mandatory stops and breaks according to the law. The main advantages of the Bullet Truck™ service are large cargo space and a fixed deadline. Your delivery may be accompanied by two drivers to provide the fastest possible delivery.

DedicatedXpress™ services are available 24/7 regardless of date or time.

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