Professional Friendship

While working in the field of express logistics long enough, it tends to become more and more part of your everyday life. Whether talking about the clients, work, family, or day-to-day communication. This will become the lifestyle, the professional friendship.

Colleagues at work,




Working outside of office hours, simultaneously in different time-zones, and canceling evening plans because of an urgent request from your client, is normal. Living such a life also means that a lot of everyday communication is done between colleagues or clients. The people that are in the same line of work as you. Which makes them greatly alike.

The Client is a Friend

After some time these clients and colleagues tend to know very intimately about your work ethics. How long you have or you haven’t slept. What do your kids think of the workload and so on. Communication sometimes comes so frequently and transparent, that one might call those clients and colleagues friends. And why shouldn’t they – they are up to date about so many subjects.

Quality Relations?

However, when the music stops, it comes very clear which friends are true and which are the ones that are keeping good relations just because they hope to benefit from the communication. Though establishing professional friendships through work is positive, one should still bear in mind that benefit or money is not the measure of quality relations! Although sometimes it is easy to forget it…


Treasuring a professional friendship always goes both ways.

When did you call your colleague, not to ask about the current work you are handling, but just to care about his or her well-being?